Dienstag, 18.11.2014

Ein Kennenlernen mit der Jury

Jury Interview und Portrait

Ein Kennenlernen mit der Jury Mitglieder der diesjährigen Jury: Matthias Leitner, Marc Schlegel, Caroline Daube, Fabio Mollo, Noa Regev (v.l.n.r.)

Die Jury im Interview:

Do you have any experience with the Filmschoolfest?

Caroline Daube: My diploma film MY PARENTS was screened at the Filmschoolfest in 2004 and won the Young Director's Award. That was a great experience as the film travelled afterwards to 250 festivals and won altogether 60 awards. There is no better way to travel, than with a film.

Fabio Mollo: No, this is my first time.

Matthias Leitner: I have been at the Filmschoolfest as audience, as a journalist and as a member of the selection committee in 2013. 

Noa Regev: Having served as Director of Tel Aviv's International Student Film Festival, I've always viewed Munich's student film festival as an inspiring equivalent. 

Have you ever been part of a jury before?

CD: Yes, in Regensburg in the German short film competition section. That was a great experience and I discovered that I missed watching short films a lot. I love the originality that is often an essential part of short films. The filmmaker doesn't have to deal with high budgets, and less people are involved in the creative process. I really think this is the strength of short films. And of course the protected area of a film school - this gives filmmakers the freedom to experiment and to create their characteristic style.

FM: Yes, at Arcipelago Film Festival and Novara Scenari Orizzontali.

ML: I have been part of several selection committees and one time I have been a jury member of the festival "Bunter Hund". I`m really excited to be part of the Filmschoolfest jury this year.

NR: I have indeed. I have judged a number of film competitions in Israel, and at the San Sebastian film festival.

Any expectations regarding your time at the festival?

CD: Inspiration, discoveries of new talents, networking, fun!

FM: To get to know new talented filmmakers and their work.

ML: I´d like to see mind blowing shorts

NR: What I expect from the Munich film festival is to watch some truly brave and trailblazing cinematic pieces. I believe in the power of the short film and especially, in students' ability to make original, subversive art.

What are you most looking forward to in Munich (except the festival)? What is a must-do in Munich for our visitors (except the festival)?

CD: ATOMIC CAFE and MILLA - nice clubs with a great a concert line up and a long walk along the river Isar.

FM: I'm expecting to see a Munich's dynamic cultural life!

ML: There is a place in the Olympiapark. It is called "Ost-West Friedenskirche". A hermit from Russia did build it out of the garbage and debris after world war two. Even for me, and I´m not religious, it's a special place.

NR: I look forward to experiencing the city's culture via getting to know its own people.

Die Jury im Portrait:

Noa Regev unterrichtete nach ihrem Doktor an der Universität Tel Aviv an der dortigen Abteilung Film und TV, sowie am SAPIR College. Bis 2010 war sie Direktorin des Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival. Heute ist Noav Regev als Direktorin der Jerusalem Cinematheque und des Jerusalem Film Festivals tätig.

Caroline Daube studierte Produktion an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. 2007 gründete sie gemeinsam mit Neele Leana Vollmar ("Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten") die Produktionsfirma Royal Pony Film (u.a. "Friedliche Zeiten", "Frauenzimmer", "La Priogue" (ARRI/OSRAM Award 2013)).

Marc Schlegel studierte Regie und Drehbuch an der Filmakademie Wien und war mit seinen Kurzfilmen auf diversen Filmfestivals erfolgreich. Sein Abschlussfilm DAS BEGRÄBNIS DES HARALD KRAMER gewann drei Preise beim Filmschoolfest Munich 2013, sowie den Preis für den besten Studentenfilm auf dem L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Gerade hat er die Arbeit an seinem ersten Langspielfilm "Schmidts Katze" beendet.

Fabio Mollo studierte Film am Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Rom. Er arbeitet als Autor und Regisseur und war mit seinen Kurz- und Dokumentarfilmen auf einigen Festivals vertreten. Sein erster Spielfilm "Il Sud È Niente" gewann nationale und internationale Auszeichnungen. Derzeit arbeitet er an seinem zweiten Spielfilm.

Matthias Leitner ist freier Autor und Regisseur und arbeitet als Kurator der Reihe "Interactive Media" des DOK.fests München. Mit seinem Redaktionsbüro Affe im Kopf entwickelt er Formatinnovationen für Hörfunk, Print und TV sowie Crossmedia-Projekte. Er ist außerdem Co-Autor von "Wader /Wecker - Vater Land", dem Publikumspreis- Gewinner beim Filmfest München 2011.