Donnerstag, 09.10.2014

Die Würfel sind gefallen

Die Vorjury im Interview

Die Würfel sind gefallen

Nach der Auswahl durch die Jury wird programmiert


Seit einigen Tagen steht fest, welche der 254 eingereichten Kurzfilme auf dem Filmschoolfest im November gezeigt werden. Um die interessantesten Einreichungen auszuwählen hat sich eine dreiköpfige Jury durch 62 ½ Stunden Material gearbeitet. Die diesjährige Jury besteht aus Nil Varol, Redakteurin bei Kulturzeit, Greg de Cuir, Programmer beim Alternative Film/Video Festival in Belgrad und Rossella Rinaldi von Filmitalia (Portraits der Vorjury gibt es HIER).

Wie die drei den Job beim Filmschoolfest erlebten, erzählen Sie im Interview.

What did you expect when you were asked to be in the selection committee? Have you ever done anything like this before?

Nil Varol: I expected an interesting insight into young international cinema. What are the topics and how do upcoming filmmakers deal with them? Yes and no. I've been a jury member at the Filmzeit Kaufbeuren and part of the preselection jury of the Fritz-Gerlich-Award at Filmfest München. But: choosing out of 63 hours - that was exceptional.

Greg de Cuir: I was expecting to have to watch many more films. I was glad that there were only around 250. I have never worked as a guest selector for a film festival competition section before.

Rossella Rinaldi: It was my first time in a selection committee. Usually I'm 'on the other side', since I'm in charge of the promotion of the Italian feature films abroad, so my job is helping the movies to be selected. My experience as a film critic helped a lot.

How much time did you need to watch all the movies? Did you follow any system?

Varol: 16 Days. I watched the animations en bloc. I tried to alternate between longer and shorter movies, to keep a pair of fresh eyes. And: maximum 4 hours per day.

de Cuir: I needed roughly two months to watch all of the movies. I was watching only a few days a week, a few hours each day.

Rinaldi: It took 3 weeks to watch all the shorts (more or less..). I followed the given order.

How did the selection process work? Which requirements should a film meet?

Varol: The 'selective eye' kind of developed through watching, by comparing.
Requirements: professional production value, good storytelling, the script is very important, consequent artistic/stylistic realization, good cast, relevance, originality, a genuine fingerprint.

de Cuir: My personal selection process was very rigid. I only gave the highest score to the films that really amazed me. If a film was uninteresting or average I gave it the lowest score possible. I know from experience that if I am very exacting with films that I believe in, there will be more than enough to build a program from. If I am too kind then there will be too many unremarkable films to sift through and I will wonder why I let them pass.
A film must be aesthetically strong, though not necessarily a 'quality' production value. It should also be surprising. Provoking strong emotions always counts for a lot and is not an easy thing to do. Most importantly, it must make me want to watch until the end. If I have the urge to stop the film before I can finish it that is a bad signal.

Rinaldi: I think we were looking for quality, good actors and screenplay, emotions. We also tried to select a representative of the variety of the cinematography from all over the world.

Was it mostly fun or mostly 'horror'?

Varol: A lot of fun, interrupted by waves of horror. A very joyful pain.

de Cuir: Mostly fun! Very exciting to see a talented new generation of artists take shape.

Rinaldi: Decisively fun!

What was the biggest surprise?

Varol: Much less animation movies than I expected. Very high production values, high quality in general, very little 'no-go's'. Impressing for a student competition.

de Cuir: The biggest surprise was the overall quality. It seems like there must have been a pre-selection before I received the films. I am very familiar with student films and have rarely seen such a collection of strong work.

Rinaldi: The very HIGH quality of most of the works

What kind of movies are you usually most interested in?

Varol: If it takes me on a journey - I'm into it.

de Cuir: I am most interested in avant-garde, experimental, or alternative films. I enjoy watching short to mid-length films.

Rinaldi: Storytelling feature works.

Was it hard to reach a consensus?

Varol: Official secret.

de Cuir: Not hard at all.

Rinaldi: No. I think that our team worked. We had a lot of confidence in the opinions of our colleagues. Everybody argued really well for 'their' films.

Looking back, would you want to do it again?

Varol: Yes, but with another schedule.

de Cuir: Absolutely!

Rinaldi: Absolutely yes! When?