Sonntag, 10.11.2013

The 2013 Filmmakers VIII


The 2013 Filmmakers VIII Until the start of the festival, we are going to introduce this year's filmmakers and their films: Lisa Brühlmann: HYLAS AND THE NYMPHS, Switzerland

Which situations or people inspired you to make your movie?
I was inspired by the movie "Rashomon" and also by an old picture of J.W. Waterhouse. The picture is called "Hylas and the Nymphs" and I've been fascinated since my childhood - I love this picture. So I imagined a parallel, contemporary world where the characters of the picture came to life.


What was the best/funniest/worst thing that happened making this movie?
We were shooting in a park in Zurich. On the first day our dearest runner stepped into a needle. Although he was wearing shoes, the needle stinged him so badly we all panicked and had to drive him to the hospital. Fortunately everything is okay now.
Another bad thing that happend is that we literally destroyed the lawn and had to pay a BIG penance.We had a really low budget - so it really really bothered me. Fortunately, we got some of the money back through crowd funding and some other really nice sponsors!