Mittwoch, 06.11.2013

The 2013 Filmmakers V

Vladilen Vierny: EXILE

The 2013 Filmmakers V Until the start of the festival, we are going to introduce this year's filmmakers and their films: Vladilen Vierny: EXILE, France

A young African migrant's first couple of hours on a European beach.

The director about making the film:
A small team, an engaged actor, a script more in line with a basic outline, and an agenda adapted to what each day had to offer - this was how EXILE was created. This freedom provided the opportunity to make connections between the set, the vacationers, and the fictional character.
The pace and shooting logistics resembled a documentary approach. Each unexpected event was regarded as a chance to enhance the scene being shot. Without forgetting the formal requirement, this flexibility allowed for a closer bond with reality and the people filmed.


the team on location

still from the film