Montag, 04.11.2013

The 2013 Filmmakers III


The 2013 Filmmakers III Until the start of the festival, we are going to introduce this year's filmmakers and their films: Assaf Machnes: AUSCHWITZ ON MY MIND, Israel/Poland/UK

Which situations or people inspired you to make your movie?
In April 2003, like many Israeli teenagers at 11th grade, I went with my school's delegation to Poland. The trip took us from one memorial site to another, from death camps to concentration camps. During the journey, the majority of us were experiencing an interesting inner conflict; on one hand, we were extremely excited to be with friends abroad and like in any other school trip - sexuality was everywhere. On the other hand, we were visiting the most depressing sites on earth and we were constantly expected to engage the horror.
I want to take my audience through the same "engagement game". Just like Roy, the hero of the film, we seek for entertainment. When this ambition is constantly being interrupted by memories, death and the collective, we must choose what to engage with and when we must move on.

What is your next project about?
I'm developing three feature-length films at the moment, one of them is based on "Auschwitz On My Mind". It would still be a film about an Israeli youth delegation going to Poland, only this time our hero would fall in love with a German teeange-girl that will be doing a similar, yet very different, school tour in Poland. The film would be full of humour and I see it as a communal therapy for everyone. It would very likely be an Israel-German-Poland co-production.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Don't know where, but hopefully a bit more relaxed ;)